Meike is an M.A. Data Journalism student at City, University of London. She also has a Master in International Affairs from Sciences Po, focusing on East Asian and Media studies, and a B.A. and an Honours Certificate from University College Utrecht (UCU) where she majored in political science and modern history.

Meike is a student journalist with 5.5+ years of writing and editing experience. She currently writes and translates articles (from French, German, and Dutch to English) for Worldcrunch. Previously, Meike served as  Editor-in-Chief of the Paris Globalist, a Sciences Po student  newspaper, and The Boomerang, the UCU campus newspaper.

Meike has extensive experience in photography and videography. She volunteered as a photographer for RedPers, and has edited many videos (among them the video updates of the Dean of UCU). Meike is also rapidly gaining experience in data visualisation and graphic design.